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I think..

I’m suffering writer’s block again. I’m having trouble putting anything decent together. Couple of reasons for this:

When I write, I drop bombs. They don’t ALL make it onto my blog… I’ve fired off the odd irate email that I’ve had to take back.

When I write, it usually comes true (or has, and will again)… hahaha…

Anyways, I’m being very careful these days, although it’s frustrating me because I think I may be hiding behind caution.

I’m supposed to be writing my media kit for Anterockstar for Season III. We’re far along on the design, few pages left to pull together… and although no one’s paid us money yet, our list of collaborators is growing. Yay for cheerleaders in our corner.

Perhaps it’s the season, the weather today being what it was, and the general lack of christmas spirit I’ve been feeling. Aside the changes in the weather, there hasn’t been many changes made in our home to prepare for the season. We put up the tree, but it was a rather unceremonious affair, and me and Frances argued through the whole thing anyways.

I’m not depressed though, I’ve just not been that enthusiastic about the whole affair as I usually am.

I’m hoping that will change by the time the holiday arrives, I’m hoping I’ll get caught up on work during the holiday, and be well prepared for the new year when it arrives, and I’m hoping 2009 is the best year of my life…

So I can top it in 2010.

I know none of my hopes will come true unless I plan on them, so I’m changing my attitude and remembering that Christmas isn’t the trappings, it’s the feeling, and that it comes wether or not I make it, and get all my work done so that I am prepared for the new year, and commit to making it the best of my life.

So I can top it in 2010.


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