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faith is the absence of doubt, then doubt is proof of it’s presence.

A conundrum to be sure. Apparently things today are going to be obscure, and certainly they’ve been dark. I hate the dark.

Which doesn’t explain why I wallow in it, but I digress. Maybe to prove I exist, maybe not. It’s like that Buckley’s commercial, I’m afraid if I answer that question, I’ll disappear.

The greatest things are tested by the greatest tests and just when you think you can’t do it anymore you keep pushing yourself higher. It’s like a disease. You can only get higher… right?

So many places to get your drug, they’re walking the streets, living downstairs, upstairs, tapping on your floor day in and day out for days on end, you just want the chattering incessant beat to stop.

But it won’t… it just keeps smacking you in the face, and then your muscles tire out beyond waning… and you rest… even God rested on the 7th day.

Ride it out young rider, ride it out…

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