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It doesn’t come for free, it’s the price we pay for happiness.

Happy Valentine’s to all. I was gonna make another vid of me singing, was workin on Close to You. Although why I’d need to work on a song I’ve been performing to a rapt audience for years I have no idea…

I find it funny that people still don’t understand how much it stings… to have your very heart exposed, and then torn asunder still beating before your very eyes.

I read through some of the responses from my departure from drock earlier this week. Surprisingly there’s still a soul there who misses me… who sees me. The other little children flickering about scolded…

Common theme around my house is I am a hardass. There’s a way, and it’s mine, and it will be done.

I dole out too much shit.

In truth, I don’t dole out shit… I correct people. That’s my job… as a mother, a wife, a woman, a sister, and a friend.

That’s not to say I don’t recognize those roles around me, in relation to myself.

Kevin’s fond of saying it’s impossible to argue with me… I always win. I can’t say that that’s true, but I do know about arguing with me being a gargantuan engagement. I’ve been doing it with myself for some time. I never win….unless I choose to.

Valentine’s day wasn’t much to speak of yesterday… we got sweets, and I got to watch Pretty in Pink and oddly enough… I have a whole new perspective on the whole thing now.

I didn’t get what I asked for…. I could have had it, but frankly, if it’s not rapt… I don’t want it at all. I could have thrown a fit…. I could have complained, and I could still…

But there’s a standard… that flies above my head and it’s worth working for, waiting for…

And holding my tongue for.

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