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it is important…

to not only recognize the role we play in our own lives, but the roles we play in the lives of others.

I have a youngin’ or two. They seem to be multiplying these days, aside my own biological four, those keep bringing home appendages which somehow are attracted to me as a mamma. This is not to mention the odd youngin’ or (or old’un) I drag in off the street and feed.

Frannie brought home Tyler a couple of months before Christmas. We joyfully welcomed him into our home, and quickly came to think of him as a son. He was after all dating our daughter.

They broke up a couple weeks ago. It’s been a trying time for all of us…. but I can only imagine how hard it must be for Tyler. We each only lost one person… Tyler lost us *all* at the same time. That’s alot of love to go without.

Tyler wrote a song for me. He is such a wonderful child, and I am proud to count him among those I consider mine.

We had our mock interviews in our class today. Everyone shined right up, it was a wonderful day. Tomorrow is our last class, and though I am glad its over, I’m also glad I went through it. I’m also grateful for the people I’ve come to know, and consider, close friends. They have shared a period in my life that I will always remember, because of them.

I am grateful.

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