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Lessons learned in poverty.

1.  YOU are the problem.

2.  Nobody will consult YOU on the solution (even though you may think you are the expert, since THEY are NOT poor, THEY must know how not to be)

3.  Until YOU earn your keep, you are not entitled to it.  (i.e. we are not our brother’s keeper)

It’s strange you know, how we are perceived as somehow different than them, when in reality we are not.  We are composed of the same matter, have the same needs, however, ours never quite seem to be satisfied, yet theirs always seem to be… sometimes to ludicrous extremes….

I wouldn’t have cried when they took my kids away had I had the comfort of knowing i could afford to quash the bastards.  Hell, they would never have come knocking at my door had they had the comfort of knowing I was taken care of.

Then there’s the people who  help.  God love them, if it weren’t for them I would literally, not be here.

I’ve always been told that God helps those who help themselves…  and i’m wondering if one is somehow unable to help themselves, what does God do with them?  Heh… guess that’s what he put THEM here for. 

Now, what would THEY have an interest in teaching ME to help myself for?  Wouldn’t that then undermine THEIR purpose?

Is THIS mine?  To forever be the beneficiary of charity, and never feel the joy of giving myself?

*Edit… I tagged you Chris cause I thought you’d enjoy my thoughts… and would love yours 🙂

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