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On a personal note…

If you see yourself here, don’t blame me. I’m just the mirror.

I had an interesting day. I had a manic day. Those days where my
decisions are very SNAP, and I never know exactly what direction I’m
going to go off in. I try and keep the casualties to a minimum.

I used to do this by taking it out on myself…. I have tried to
channel these manic episodes into experiences I can use to build my
future, instead of another regret.

Some days the universe hums in my ear and I can make total sense of
everything around me. I understand everything, and my place in it.

Then there are days where the feedback is so loud, I go deaf, dumb,
and blind, and struggle to maintain my composure, so as to not tell
the world how out of it I am. I am always soberest when this happens.

Among the garbled jumble today….

The internet is the evil… it invades your privacy. This from a
person calling to express their concern for me upon hearing of a
personal situation I have playing out, who had heard it from someone I
don’t speak to.

You don’t follow up, that’s why you’re not reaching your goals. This
from someone who has promised me dinner for 3 whole years, and I’m
patiently waiting.

Patiently waiting.

Waiting for what?

I got asked today if I journal, and if that helped me.

To be honest, I have journaled almost daily for going on 5 years.

It ruined my life.

I pitch social media for a living.

When I decided that my life was worth branding, packaging, and selling
for others to learn from and be inspired by, I flipped my whole life
inside out.

Change happens in an instant. You’d think with our multitasking multi
media brains we’d be capable of adapting that quickly.

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