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the cheque is in the mail

What a week. It’s only Thursday, and my world is right changing shape every day.

It started with Monday, when I marched myself down to City Hall to
withdraw my nomination for council. I’ve received a great deal of
enquiries regarding my decision, and gratefully acknowledge here the
overwhelming support I’ve received from individual, and groups of,
constituents. To know that people are willing to assist their leaders
with a helping hand, without overtaking them… that’s comfort.

I’ve been asked why. There are many reasons why, but what made it
necessary on Monday was I needed my $100 back. To clarify, the City
requires that candidates deposit $100 with them in order to secure
your name on the ballot. This amount is refundable upon withdrawal of
the candidate’s nomination. I can’t say the service was the greatest,
but it was in my language, and I got what I wanted. I acknowledge here
the helpfulness of the Clerks office, and their willingness to step
outside their boundaries to assist a potential candidate.

On a secondary note regarding my withdrawal, it became very clear to
me that should I win, I would have to operate in *that* environment.
NO respect, NO confidence, NO honesty, NO progress… like NONE.

Simply amazing…

I brought my talents willingly to the table in the hopes of
contributing. It’s clear that while the City accepts contributions,
they only take them in cash… As far as refunds are concerned, the
cheque is in the mail.

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