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The door at the end of the hall….

Has a sign warning all who dare enter that they will find no comfort beyond it.  “This is not a hangout”.  Indeed.

So, we hungout in the room at the end of the hall, and got some amazing work done.  I haven’t seen the footage yet, but I had the camera in my hands 90% of the time last night (YAY!!!) and I know I got some kickass footage.  We met the guys for the first time last week, and although that was a little awkward, we all had a great time last night, and we also managed to get a second camera on the scene, so we’ve got some fabulous shots of the guys working out… (oh, and some excellent footage of me working out too btw…. I never knew you could do some pretty wicked yoga to speed death metal.

Between all the screeching (and banging…..but I’ll get to that later), we managed to have some amazing discussions, and got to know each other quite well.  I decided half way through taping, that I’d profile a new band member each week so you get to know them a little better, after all, I’ve had you all to myself these past few months, and there are way more interesting subjects than me.

Like…. Chris.  Chris drums for The Symptom.  Chris likes to make grand entrances (last weeks was a show stopper to say the least, yet this week, even though he was given a second take, he still didn’t manage the entrance, but…  wo ho….  he still managed to pull off a performance.  I got it all on tape… hehehe… I’m begining to think I’m the human tripod, cause even tho I’d had a coupla beers by then, I was able to take all that footage, keep my movements controlled and steady, and hopefully I was able to catch some of the energy that comes off a man who’s banging away on a set of drums… with abandon.  Nice…..  Anyhoo, you can all get a chance to see it next Saturday night at  The Dungeon in Oshawa on the 26th.  I can’t wait!   

We’re still talking with the guys about what kind of shape working with me will take, their singer has just left, and they’re looking for one, and I need a band.  We’ll see what happens… I don’t like holing relationships all in one basket out of the gate.  They’re not all meant to be permanent, or long term, and if you can keep that in mind, you can get the most out of the relationship, and leave it in peace.  Anyways… enough philosophy for one morning…

And just so he doesn’t fade into the background (poor thing missed all the fun last night cause he’s been working his ass off), I give you the Kevin reel.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our favorite camera whore is back in his very own feature.  He’s witty, he’s geeky, and he’s a whole lotta tall with long hair.

and the father of my children. :o)

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