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The promises broke, the make believe ran out…

And gave way to reality.

How lovely, we hear that Lukas Rossi, the newly crowned king of rock (The real one is rolling in his grave right now I assure you.  God rest your soul Elvis Presley, we hardly knew ye), is now single.  Big surprise.

His self proclaimed girlfriend of 7 years, the alleged “Francesca” is now left picking up the pieces of what was her life before Rockstar happened.   Lukas kicked her out, left her at the curb, on camera no less…  how very Rockstar like, and what an admirable quality in a man.  Must have been the seven year itch.

His new friends are real heroes to follow in that respect too, he’s partying with Tommy Lee now…(how many wives/kids/rophans is that now?), woo hoo for him (“I’m at his pad now man, it’s really cool dude.”).  Apparently the “mountain of power” behind him now has his balls in their purse.

Of course now, you’re going to hear about how much of a lunatic SHE is, and how she made the whole thing up (their relationship) in her head, and how she’s lying, and all that, and maybe if she’s strong enough she won’t believe the bullshit and move on and come out on top.

I really can’t see Lukas Rossi landing on anything but his skunky little ass. 

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