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What I do…

I can do anything you can do better, I can do anything better than you.
No you can’t, yes I can, no you can’t, yes I can, not you can’t…



Strange day.

Hard to remember what happened. I wanted to stay in bed.

I got up… I survived… and I’ll be going to bed again soon.

I’m hearing it’s the last time we’ll see Mars for a while. I’m taking
full advantage of its power these days… lord knows that’s pretty
much all I’m running on.

but I’m still running.

And I’m still picking up steam.

and I’m towing the mark.

I’m having some interesting thoughts before bed tonite… Looking back
I’ve been in this place before, and I’ve learned a thing or two since
last time.

I have the power to write headlines… and I contemplated the future
in that light tonite. I know a few things about the future. I know
what’s ahead for me, and now that my circle of influence has expanded,
I know what’s ahead for a whole lot of people. You see, I find myself
at the intersect with a few other figures of influence, and well,
together it makes quite a chemistry… as we’ve seen in the past.

I’m thinking of Breaking Bad now when Jesse tells Walt that it’s about
accepting who you are.

I have little control over anyone’s actions but my own, but I can
predict them now.

And I’m reminded now of Thomas Moore, leaving his executioner with the
words “never be ashamed to carry out your office”.

Damned straight.

I love this pic. For subtle reasons 🙂 An old promo picture from Season II

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