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When you wish upon a star…

So, here’s the big update on The Spot:

There’s still no power to the place…. after much investigation (and getting around certain people’s putting us off) we managed to ascertain that certain inspections needed to be done to get the power turned on. We’re waiting on the last one, which should happen early next week. The Landlord is bitching cause we haven’t paid the rent yet, but in my books, I’ve already paid a months rent for a place I couldnn’t use, and we missed out on opportunities because of it. We still can’t jam there (at the very least).

The City of Oshawa Building inspector’s department was extremely informative and accomodating, and we managed to get an inspection on short notice. The staff were friendly, thorough, and patiently explained all the vagrancies of what we’re proposing. More to follow, we have an appointment with an Architect tomorrow morning for drawings, seems we’re gonna have to get into the nitty gritty on this one.

Aside from that, concept drawings are done for the place, we had the builders in last night for stage design (which will now change again because we have to put in another bathroom.

Construction is set for the weekend of March 21st, a week before we open. Should be interesting to see how it unfolds, but so far so good.

No word from sponsors yet, but we’re waiting for word back from two big ones, which would take care of alot of open ended stuff.

Band booking is coming along, keep the emails coming at… we have a whole slew of fridays and saturdays to fill….

And please, help us spread the word about the place, we need help getting bands, photographers, videographers, visual artists, performance artists, or anyone looking for a place to demonstrate their talent, please let them know about us.


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